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"So are you two... together?" - Article about Boston marriages/romantic friendships. →
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    With the holiday season fast approaching, I keep dwelling on the loss of a really important friendship this year. It was...
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    Interesting read!
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    JFC, call yourselves Heterosexual Life Partners or something if you’re both straight.
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    i agree that we definitely need to find some way of reclaiming/celebrating women’s friendship bonds without erasing...
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    I was just thinking the other day how much I miss holding hands with female friends (because I’ve been taught that you...
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    This has been a post about: WOMEN DIDN’T JUST TURNED SEXUAL FROM 20th century to 21st, get your shit together misogynist...
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    Lillian Faderman
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    That was my general reaction too. “I’m upset cause I don’t want to call my roommate my roommate and I feel my experience...
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    Except that it is not. It is crappy article about cavalierly appropriating an important coded term for lesbian NOT AT...